Swen Rudolph





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photojournalist & commercial photographer

Görlitz - Berlin / Germany

mobile: +49 176 24 878 565
mail: email@swenrudolph.de


now still ongoing work in photography for several clients

feb/march 2014 internship at Pioneerworks in Brooklyn/NYC, coworking experience with local artists, broadcast media and the intercourse magazine, tintype photography

autumn 2013 U.S. travel cross country based on project related work in photography for the Frank Lloyd Wright School for Architecture photodocumentation about the work of Frank Henry in collaboration with ASU

2010 - 2013 photographer in Berlin, photographic work for several clients in art, architecture and event, atelier space in Berlin, assistance work in photography for the catalogue of The Military Historical Museum Dresden by Daniel Libeskind

2007 - 2010 years under mentorship and education in photography by David Brandt in Dresden, Berlin and Potsdam, work for SKD & SMB Museums, work with classic large format camera and DSLR in architecture-, product-,
people-, image- and eventphotography

winter 2006 internship at Görner photolab, work with several analogue photographic materials, process of photodevelopment from all types of film that is used in contemporary analog photography, exposure and development on baryt-paper, ongoing work with David Brandt

autumn 2006 internship at the State Collections of Ethnography in Dresden, work with medium format camera, catalogue, photography of objects of the exhibition, work with ivory, silver, bronce and gold

spring/summer 2006 starting the internship at Görner photolab, introduction to the processes of photo development, several internships with different photographers, among I meet David Brandt

2002 - 2006 Technical University of Dresden, studies of ancient and middleage history

2001 abitur/ a-level